Mark Latham

Mark Latham the ex Labor Leader has now turned his hand to looking after his children and working in the media.

Who could forget his book, The Latham Diaries, published in 2005, which is scathing about his colleagues in the Labor Party. He is a regular contributor to The Spectator Australia magazine under the byline of Latham’s Law which is a fascinating read.

In the latest issue, 28 July 2012, he has a go at both Kevin Rudd and Joel Fitzgibbon and I will reproduce the relevant article in full:

When Kevin Rudd was rising through the ranks of the Parliamentary Labor party a decade ago, his most diligent critic was Joel Fitzgibbon. No aspect of Rudd’s persona was immune from Joel’s ire. Whether it was Heavie Kevvie’s policies, speaking style, hairdo or even his wife’s looks, the Member for Hunter was hunting for Rudd’s scalp, literally.

Joel was adamant that, as with his political style, Rudd’s hair was artificial. on several occasions he wanted to grab hold of Kevvie’s fringe and yank it skywards, proving he wore a toupee. For this and other reasons, the loquacious Queenslander was known as Kevin Rugg.

Joel’s other great joy was in discovering a newspaper photograph of Therese Rein, a woman with a keen sense of self-awareness. Earlier this month, Rein spoke of learning to forgive herself for “not being five-foot-ten inches, blonde and drop dead gorgeous.” Fitzgibbon would not have it any other way. Such was his hatred of Rudd, he rejoiced in his rival being condemned to a lifetime of waking up next to Ms Rein.

Animus of this kind is not unusual in politics. What I find odd is Fitzgibbon’s current role as a numbers man in Labor’s continuous-play horror-thriller, The Rudd Resurrection.

My old buddy is furious he missed out on a ministry after the February leadership ballot. He was overlooked when Julia Gillard foolishly invited Bob Carr into cabinet. Adding to Fitzgibbon’s grievance, Kate Lundy was given the prized sports portfolio in the year of the London Olympics. As one of the enduring Good-Time Charlies of Australian politics, Joel would have set numerous PBs in mounting the five rings of Olympic fellowship.

But that’s public life. In the memorable phrase of Sarah Hanson-Young, tragedies happen, accidents happen. Fitzgibbon has resigned as a founding member of the Anyone Buy Rugg Club, complaining to his colleagues that Gillard has betrayed him. The greatest betrayal, however, is to his own moral code: Joel’s willingness to jettison the values of a knock-around Aussie bloke and support a tosser like KRudd.

What about the toupee? That hasn’t changed – like the rest of Rugg. Even his brother is bagging him publicly, confirmation of my motto that those who know Kevin best like him least. If Greg Rudd doesn’t support his brother, why should the Labor Party.

Bathers Beach


Great to finally see some progress on the site outside Kidogo Arthouse.

FICRA, Fremantle Inner City Residents Association, and its energetic Chairman, Rob Harrison, have been pushing for more lawn on the site.

As you can see plant lawn and wildlife appears. The little willie wagtail in the foreground seems very happy.

Let us hope that the cinders in front of Kidogo are replaced with lawn although I am not sure that will happen but the jury is out.

Plastic Bags

A very good article in today’s The West Australian by Noel Crichton-Browne.

Noel Crichton-Browne is a former WA Liberal Senator and served as deputy chairman of the Senate standing committee on the environment.

Titled “Ban on plastic bags simplistic” he put forward several arguements against the proposal by the City of Fremantle to ban plastic shopping bags and says that the proposal is “misinformed and misguided.”

I will quote from his article:

“The practical solution to the problem of waste plastic bags is to address the matter not as a plastic bag issue but rather as a litter issue and a behavioural problem.

Imposing on its citizens the burden of great inconvenience, substantial cost, denial of choice and intrusion into their daily lives in pursuit of eliminating less than one percent of all plastic bags that end as litter is an absurd and incompetent manner of government.”

I have to say that I totally agree with him.

Hello world!

This is my first post and I start with congratulating the 3 family businesses that were inducted into Family Business Australia’s WA Hall of Fame last night.

Lionel Samson Sadleirs Group, MG Kailis Group and Betts Group were judged based on their ability to transition the business between generations, generate successful activity in markets beyond WA and brand establishment.

Lionel Samson Group started in Fremantle in 1829 as did Betts in 1982 and Kailis commenced in Dongara in 1962.

Lionel Samson is the oldest continuing family business in Australia and still operate from Cliff Street Fremantle.

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