Steve Gibbons ALP

This guy has occupied a seat in the House of Representatives, representing Bendigo since 1998 and is the Deputy Chairman of the standing committee for regional affairs.

The other day he tweeted: “Libs are led by a gutless douchebag and a narcissistic bimbo who aren’t fit to be MPs let alone PM and Deputy. Both should be sacked.”

Julia Gillard had to pull him into line after her recent speech vowing to call out misogyny wherever she saw it, and a spokesman for Gillard said  “the Prime Minister made clear to Mr Gibbons that his remarks were offensive and he has rightly apologised”.

Families Minister Jenny Macklin said of Mr Gibbons’ remark: “It is inappropriate. No one should use that language about other Members of Parliament.”

Mr Gibbons has a history of colourful observations. He called Kevin Rudd “a psychopath with a giant ego” during the former Prime Minister’s leadership challenge in February.

As Deputy Chairman of the standing committee for regional affairs Mr Gibbons gets paid an additional 5.5 per cent on his base salary of $190,550, or almost $10,500.

Here he is, at it again:

The good news is that he is resigning and will not contest the next election. Meanwhile he gets over $200,000 per annum for abusing other parliamentarians.

Good week for you and the Labor Party Steve.

Gillard Again

I said in a previous post that Julia Gillard should resign but it has been revealed that she was close to being rolled by her own party.

Shades of Kevin.

It was reported today that Gillard wanted to oppose UN observer status for Palestine.

One Labor MP said last night that “by the time she got to caucus, her foot soldiers were telling her that she possibly did not have the numbers. So rather than risk the embarressment of being defeated on the floor of the caucus, she capitulated. But it was a very, very tense 12 hours, I can tell you. She came periously close to losing the leadership this morning.”

Then we had the 7.30 Report where Bruce Wilson gave an interview and could not disagree with former AWU official, Wayne Hem who said he deposited $5000.00 into Gillard’s bank account.

You thought Ralph Blewitt was bad, this guy Wilson has no credibility.

Why did he agree to the interview?

No wonder that KRudd has 40 supporters and growing.

Julia Gillard should resign

Todays stunt calling a press conference before question time shows just how desperate our Prime Minister is, and by not answering questions in Parliament from Julie Bishop, but referring to answers given in her press conference is an abuse of Parliament and should not be tolerated by voters.

The AWU scandal is not going away, and now Bill Shorten and Bill Kelty are criticising her for her conduct in this case.

Her lack of judgement is breathtaking.

Now we have the boss of Chevron, the biggest foreign investor in Australia, warning that $100 billion worth of projects were at risk due to soaring costs and lack of confidence in the Federal government’s policies

 Managing Director Roy Kryzwosinski, said resources projects in Australia were 40 per cent more expensive than in the US and its workforce was 60 per cent less productive than the US.

Chevron is building the $43 billion Gorgon LNG project and $29 billion Wheatstone LNG project in Western Australia. It is expected to confirm within the next three weeks the costs of building Gorgon on Barrow Island, off the Pilbara coast, have blown out significantly.

He said:

“Industry confidence in making major capital investments is being affected by the current fiscal environment.” 

The recent introduction of a carbon tax has imposed another additional cost not borne by overseas competitors. These costs add to the growing list of disincentives to invest here.”

Kevin Rudd may be back!

It’s The Economy, Stupid

The title is a slight variation of the phrase used by Bill Clinton successfully in his 1992 Presidential campaign against sitting President George H W Bush.

In The Weekend Australian, Tom Dusevic had this to say:

“Australia is becoming fiscally obese. Our soft , plump, entitled society is indulged at every turn, conditioned by the capital’s political class to live large and in the moment.

The commonwealth budget is in disrepair. Fiscal chasms lurk down the road, thanks to expected slower economic growth, falling revenue, rising health costs and misplaced expectations about what governments should provide.”

This government is a joke, union scandals within the HSU and AWU, the latter likely to bring Gillard down and over 1000 drownings at sea by would be ayslum seekers because the Labor Party thought that the Liberals policies were too harsh. As I said, what a joke.

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