Arthur’s Head

Yesterday, for the first time I sat on the verandah of fellow blogger Roel Loopers at Arthur’s Head and it was very enjoyable, greeting the tourists and having a drink whilst discussing all things Fremantle with Roel and the Chairman of FICRA, Rob Harrison.

Roel and I have locked horns since I started this blog but as he has said in his posts, he has given me a lot of advice, some of it not sought. But Roel and I have something in common, we are passionate about Fremantle and it’s future, and I do listen which may surprise some.

I do not always agree with Roel, or Rob for that matter but after spending a couple of hours on that verandah I am convinced that the Fremantle Society should be allowed to stay in its current location.

Walking home I could not help but notice the appearance of the cottage next door, that has been maintained so well. As a ratepayer I think that the City should charge a more commercial rent for these properties,but the interaction with tourists is something that is very hard to put a value on. The City should rethink it’s proposals for Arthur’s Head.

Roel and I  are probably political opposites but our feelings for the city we live in are alike.

Fremantle Football Club

News that Fremantle Football Club is relocating its training facilities to Cockburn does not surprise me, and commentators who have denigrated the Board over the past few months are wide of the mark. Anyone with any knowledge of AFL football knows that for Fremantle FC to be successful they need training and administration facilities that are state of the art or risk falling behind Victorian clubs that are spending millions on new facilities.

Just look at Collingwood and Essendon.

Only last week, Captain Matthew Pavlich stated that Fremantle’s facilities were the second worst in the AFL.

The City of Cockburn is pitching in $65 million, but Fremantle FC still want an ongoing presence at Fremantle Oval.

Now the City of Fremantle should be talking to East Fremantle Football Club and luring them from their dilapidated premise that is owned by the Town of East Fremantle. Having both South Fremantle and East Fremantle based at Fremantle Oval would be great for both clubs and ensure that a WAFL game would be played in Fremantle each week.

A win/win.

Freo local slams Gillard

AWU Scandal

Writing in “The Australian” Fremantle local Terry O’Connor QC, who was Chairman of the Anti Corruption Commission and Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame says that Julia Gillard may have breached the Western Australian law twice in providing legal advice for the incorporation of an association for her boyfriend which was later used as a cover for fraud.

“Without some explanation from (Ms Gillard) as to what occurred, there is, in my opinion, a prima facie case that she could have been charged along with Mr Blewitt as she drafted the rules of the association for Mr Blewitt knowing that the rules did not disclose the purpose for which the association was being incorporated,” Mr O’Connor wrote.

He also cites sections of the state Criminal Code that refer to providing false information.

Who is it going to be: Carr, Rudd or Shorten to be the next ALP leader?

The herd is restless.


ABC clique in control of climate

From “The Australian” by Rick Morton

Former ABC Chairman Maurice Newman

Former ABC chairman Maurice Newman says the national broadcaster suffers from ‘groupthink’ when it comes to climate change. Picture: Nikki Short Source: The Australian

A COMPLAINT by former ABC chairman Maurice Newman over a radio program that linked scepticism about human-induced climate change to advocacy of pedophilia has been dismissed by the national broadcaster.

Mr Newman, who retired from the ABC’s top job in March when his five-year term ended, said the broadcaster had been “captured” by a “small but powerful” group of people when it came to climate change groupthink – a claim rebuffed by the broadcaster.

He said comments by the network’s science reporter Robyn Williams in a November 24 broadcast of The Science Show were indicative of a broader failure of the “public interest” test at the taxpayer-funded ABC.

“What if I told you that pedophilia is good for children, or that smoking crack is a normal part and a healthy one of teenage life, to be encouraged?” Williams said at the top of the show, which was dedicated to discussing attitudes on climate change.

You’d rightly find it outrageous. But there have been similar statements coming out of inexpert mouths again and again in recent times, distorting the science.”

In his written complaint to ABC managing director Mark Scott, Mr Newman raised the issue of personally “offensive and defamatory” material and content that compared climate sceptics to pedophiles “more generally”.

The radio segment had also referred to an article that Mr Newman had written in The Australian last month comparing climate change believers to the religious. Mr Williams referred to it as “drivel” and his guest, psychology professor Stephen Lewandosky, said that those who denied climate change were “driven by ideology rather than evidence”.

Mr Newman objected to the imputation that he was a flat-earther.

“Speaking up publicly is not the sort of thing you do lightly,” he told The Australian yesterday.

“I still have a deep affection for the ABC but at some point someone has got to make a stand. The ABC is not being frank and open about the way global warming is portrayed on its various platforms, although the sense of imbalance is becoming more overt, I feel.”

Mr Newman said he was the first person to admit he was not a scientist and described himself as a human-induced climate change “agnostic”. “I considered the report to be defamatory because it went on to discuss me personally and an opinion piece I’d written comparing some in the climate change camp to religious believers,” he said. “In lumping me in with despicable flat-earthers, they also, through their introduction, likened people like us to pedophiles and drug-pushers.”

An ABC spokeswoman said the complaint was dismissed because the editorial context of the segment was reasonable, meaning “harm and offence” was justified.

“ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs have carefully considered the complaint, reviewed the program and assessed it against the ABC’s editorial standards for harm and offence which state in part: 7.1 Content that is likely to cause harm or offence must be justified by the editorial context,” the spokeswoman said.

“ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs have also sought and considered a response from ABC Radio. Audience and Consumer Affairs have concluded that there has been no breach of the ABC’s editorial standards for harm and offence.” The former chairman said he had not made the complaint to the ABC to air a personal grievance; rather he wished to highlight that the national broadcaster had a duty to all taxpayers to provide more considered and balanced reports.

“In this particular segment, I don’t think the issue received fair treatment,” Mr Newman said. “It certainly wasn’t open-minded and I believe it misrepresented the perspective of people who have considered doubt.”

ABC policies also make note, on scientific and other matters, that standards must strike a “balance that follows the weight of the evidence”.

“Who does the weighing?” Mr Newman said. “Who re-weights and when? Or, is it set and forget?”

The ABC spokeswoman said the network did broadcast and publish views from dissenting scientists.

“Unlike the BBC, the ABC acknowledges there are climate scientists who question the core thinking about climate science,” she said.

“The ABC gives them and their views air time.”

In its direct response to Mr Newman, the ABC maintained it did “not equate climate change sceptics to pedophiles”.

Mad taxes and massive debt

Who says I’m bitter, twisted and tormented?

By Senator Barnaby Joyce who is the Leader of the Nationals in the Senate, LNP Senator for Queensland and Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water, writing in “The Spectator Australia”, 15/22 December 2012.

 “A left-leaning journo from a very leafy suburb in Canberra is ringing me up to ask my views on global warming based on the recent exposé of new ‘facts’ from Doha. Facts which no doubt lead to Doha being an utter policy flop while leaving Australians with a massive financial liability. Support for climate change paranormal activity is not as gripping as it used to be.

Many have come to the conclusion that without a job you will not be emitting much carbon and poverty as policy is best left to the clergy. The sad thing for Australia is that we have managed to get ourselves stitched up in an idiotic broad-base energy consumption tax which is doing nothing to affect the temperature.

In the past week I’ve been talking to a coil spring manufacturer in Rockhampton who currently exports to 40 countries including China. He informed me calmly that with the increase in costs due to a carbon tax he will still make money, but it won’t be from exporting coil springs. It will be from importing them from India. The vision of his employees is clearly etched in my mind as the good lady from the Fairfax masthead asks my views on global warming.

The year has been one of mad taxes, massive debt and the demise of leftist liberal economics in the face of hardnosed East Asian business. As Indonesia has been paying its way out of debt, we are getting ourselves deeper in. As South America tries to work out how to trade beef into Asia, we have been shutting down the live cattle trade. The latest sector under threat is livestock selling centres. The RSPCA and Animals Australia are now going to use their spare time telling us all that auctioneers are ringmasters in abhorrent dens of animal cruelty. They should be more ambitious and close down the whole Australian Stock Exchange, drain all the dams, ban lawn mowers and return us finally to hunters and gatherers on the forest floor eating sticks and bugs.

Should I have told the learned scribe that I have had an epiphany? Coal is an evil black rock and can only be made holy by passing over salt water, to another country. There, it becomes righteous in a power station. Likewise iron ore’s inherent guilt is only assuaged if it moves overseas with the penitent black rocks.

I should be thankful for the Left’s assistance in closing down the fishing industry, timber industry and large sections of agriculture, making our manufacturing industry less viable and making every tree sacred.

I should have thanked her for 30 per cent unemployment in Northern Tasmania accompanied by a 50 per cent reduction in house prices. I should have been grateful for enlightened people joining hands and forming a human chain around any poor, sorry bastard trying to make a dollar.

Not that I’m at all bitter about it, as I remember the glee attending my demise as Shadow Finance Minister. I dared to extol the virtue of prudence and stated that if you have a static debt ceiling and an accelerating debt trajectory then sooner rather than later line A will intercept line B and you will either go back to the taxpayer for an extension of credit or cheques will bounce.

I initially issued this warning when our gross debt was around $100 billion. Now, three extensions of our overdraft later, it is just shy of $260 billion. It is fascinating that in the past three weeks we have borrowed in excess of $3 billion a week. Annualised, that’s more than $150 billion in extra debt per year. To earn the money to deliver the tax to pay the debt we need an extra net profit in the economy of $500 billion, at tax rates of approximately 30 per cent. A business return of ten per cent would mean that we have a gross income potential, which we are unaware of, of $5 trillion. That’s surprising; a threefold increase on top of the current economy, and it’s just hiding out. Maybe I should suggest to the learned Fairfax scribe that a better piece of investigative journalism would be to go look for it. This current climate change omphaloskepsis appears more adept at hiding our economy than finding it.

No, I’m not bitter, twisted and tormented. I think Wayne Swan is totally competent and so is Julia Gillard. I can understand why Gillard’s former boyfriend Bruce Wilson’s mate Ralph would bury money in the backyard because of some aversion to banks and those nasty questions they ask you such as: ‘Where did this cash come from, Cyclone?’

Appointing Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House to meet the Queen and the President on my behalf was a masterstroke of theatrical brilliance. Craig Thomson, well, he’s just misunderstood. The NBN (Next Budget Nightmare) is going to give impairment a good name. Of course you can cool the planet with a broad-base consumption tax, just like the GST did.

What if we actually did something away from leafy lefty climate change land? Imagine if we did something as dangerous to the world, Australia, the penguins and polar bears as building the inland rail between Gladstone and Melbourne to create internodal port access between the southern capitals and our northern mineral province.

It is ludicrous to think that we should have a direct rail link between the second- and third-biggest cities in our nation. Next you will want direct flights. Imagine if instead of making power dearer, we made it cheaper. Outrageous! Imagine if we expanded our agricultural industry by stopping decisions such as shutting down the live cattle trade or closing down irrigation in the Murray Darling or making it a criminal offence to cut down a tree. What if we actually tried to expand the economy through the construction of vital infrastructure such as dams? Very dangerous. We might actually grow more food to sell to south-east Asia.

Imagine if we stopped borrowing money for bureaucracy and getting up to our eyeballs in debt. In the past, our children wanted to travel to Europe, but in the future we’re going to create a little piece of Southern Europe right here in Australia just for them.”


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