Council Amalgamations

The uproar of some sections of the media and public commentators is interesting in relation to the Barnett Government proposed amalgamations.

Local commentator Roel Loopers in his blog Freo’s View has called our Premier Colin Barnett a liar for breaking an election promise, and there are calls to march on Parliament. Come on get real.

Where was Roel when Julia Gillard promised that she would not introduce a Carbon Tax, a tax that affects us every day through our hip pockets. He fawned over her and was indignant when Kevin Rudd deposed her as Prime Minister. The Fremantle Society has a “Sock it Colin Facebook” page which has been described as stupid, and I would go further, but as Roel says it “has not many likes and disappointing few comments.”

I do not support the proposed amalgamation of Fremantle, East Fremantle and Melville.

But I feel that we have been let down by our elected representatives who were aware that amalgamations were coming but had their collective heads in the sand thinking that it would not happen, especially in Fremantle.

Barnett has sent the Mayors packing and said get back to us by October with your proposals. Mayor Brad Pettitt should have had an agreement with Cockburn that Fremantle and Cockburn merge instead of the terrible proposal that was sent to ratepayers. Simple, Fremantle and Cockburn share cultural, sporting and business ties so it is a natural fit.

The fact is that council amalgamations are inevitable and have been very successful in some other states, but it takes a strong politican to take a stance because there are no votes in it. Diana Ryan states that Labor Premier Alan Carpenter wanted to reduce the number of councils. I spoke to a former Labor Minister of Local Government on Monday and he stated that it should have been done 10 years ago. Former Mayor Richard Utting advocates the merge with Cockburn and describes Fremantle as the cultural jewel in the crown, so we need to preseve this by not merging with Melville.

Yesterday I listened to our Mayor, Brad, on ABC radio and he seemed resigned to be on the losing team, but it is up to us to support him and his councillors in finding a solution rather than knocking the politicans who are making the correct decision. Read today’s editorial in “the West Australian” and the experience of home builder Dale Alcock who has to deal with “hundreds of hundreds of pages of regulation, for dozens of dozens of councils, for the simple engineering feet (sic) of laying a few metres of concrete.”

I was a ratepayer in the City of Melville for over 25 years and could not have any contact with councillors, but after living in Fremantle for two and a half years I think that I have met about two thirds of the Fremantle councillors, including the Mayor, and that is something that I value.


Mad Wind Farm Concept

A company called Morphocode, based in Bulgaria, wants to put studio lofts on top of offshore wind turbines.

As offshore wind turbines increase dramatically in size, the need for expert monitoring becomes more and more important. A large wind farm may consist of several hundred individual wind turbines distributed over a large body of water: endless arrays of turbine towers create a surreal grid in a lonely landscape. This odd and isolated site often remains hidden in the vastnest of the aquatic realm – seen only by the few, who are destined to serve the long lasting swing of the white giants.
Wind Turbine Loft is a concept that proposes the installation of a residential unit within the volume of the nacelle that would provide constant shelter for a group of technicians taking care of the functional integrity of the turbine.”


Living Space
Wind turbines need to be continually serviced to perform at their best. The inhabitants of the loft shall take care of the technical inspections, monitoring and diagnostics of the equipment, necessary to keep the turbine’s life-span as long as possible.
Wind turbine loft is a solution that combines living and working environment in a single entity of an unusual atmosphere. Instead of following the traditional ideology of the Loft movement: the well-trodden path of recycling abandonned commercial spaces, considered to be obsolete by a certain industry, we embrace the idea of finding new and unexplored territories for the concept of Loft living.”

K. Rudd over 1000 deaths

Reference: Andrew Bolt:

“Kevin Rudd in 2008 scrapped the tough border laws which had cut boat arrivals to an average of just three a year. Since then more than 45,000 boat people have come to Australia, and more than 1000 have been lured to their deaths.

Last week another nine boat people drowned, and Rudd promised yet more talk:

This tragedy underlines the absolute importance for Australia to continue to adjust its policies to meet changing circumstances in the region and in the world when it comes to border security.

That is why our response in terms of elevating the work we do cooperatively with the Indonesians and others is now urgent.

Yesterday, more deaths:

FOUR asylum-seekers are dead after an asylum boat carrying about 150 people sank north of Christmas Island as Customs and Border Protection crews were trying to assist it.

Apart from just talking about fixing the lethal disaster he caused, what is Rudd actually doing?

And note: if these people drowned under Tony Abbott, especially after a boat turnaround, imagine the media uproar. Yet Rudd’s policy has contributed to the deaths of more than 1000 people and a complicit media lays no blame at all.


Rudd is now trying to fix what he broke, but so much damage has already been done:

Since Prime Minister Kevin Rudd returned as Prime Minister 2376 people have a arrived on boats, including 2138 already this month. This does not include survivors from the capsize or the group rescued earlier by HMAS Bathurst.

In addition to the baby boy from Sri Lanka who drowned this month and the eight missing, 220 asylum seekers have either drowned or vanished this year and more than 15,600 have arrived safely.

The surge has come amid warnings from Foreign Minister Bob Carr that arrivals, on track to be around 40,000 this year, could double to 80,000 a year.”

What a disgrace.



As regular readers are aware I do not like wind farms so imagine seeing these from a ferry just outside of Amsterdam.

Wind farm Amsterdam

Wind farm Amsterdam

Amsterdam Port

Amsterdam Port

Beautiful Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with very friendly people. You just have to give way to the bikes.

With all the old buildings with people cycling without helmets it reminded me of Fremantle albeit a lot larger.

Taxing Air

Freo Ramble returns.

After a lengthy holiday the Ramble is ready to post again:

1. to promote the excellent book by Bob Carter and Bob Spooner “Taxing Air.”

2. provide an alternate opinion to Fremantle commentators who constantly deride our Premier and opposition leader but profess admiration for failed ex Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

3. discuss Fremantle issues, Including Fremantle Football Club.

4. promote the excellent charity that is helping indigenous communities, Save the Children Australia.

Now, onto Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies About Climate Change, that is primarily the work of internationally respected geologist Bob Carter and Age cartoonist John Spooner, aided by such experts as former National Climate Centre chief Bill Kininmonth.

Now that our Prime Minister wants to scrap the Carbon Tax, and the Greens are livid, it is worth revisiting the debate as it is widely accepted by scientists that “global air temperatures has not increased for the last 16 years, despite a nearly 10% increase in CO2.”

The book is widely available on and is selling very well. Grab a copy to get an alternative opinion as the Labor Party flip flops around the issue.

More on this subject later and some beautiful photographs of wind farms in Amsterdam.



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