Fremantle Mayor At Odds With Residents

Interesting article in the Fremantle Gazette this week regarding the proposed Alley Cat Street Food Markets.

The article states that “the western-most section of High Street is one of three possible locations for the new market, which could bring the foot traffic locals have been yearning for.”

Jessica Nico, the author of the article, might yearn for foot traffic, but it is a designated street, High Street, and I do not know of any locals who want it to be a pedestrian mall.

The article also quotes Georgie Adeane, the Alley Cat proprietor:

“I’m still in the process of consulting the community regarding the new Alley Cat Street Food Market,” Ms Adeane said.

“The market will consist of eclectic street food from around the world, with live entertainment, and at the end of December it will return to Bathers Beach and trade there for the remainder of summer.

“Other locations are the area in front of X Wray Cafe and Paddy Troy Lane.

“I have given many of the adjoining residents and businesses my survey and to date there has been 100 per cent support from those who have replied.”

This is RUBBISH.

FICRA, Fremantle Inner City Residents Association , is strongly opposed to the proposal as evidenced in their letter to Ms Adeane:

Dear Georgie

Further to your request for feedback from residents regarding your idea and preferred location for holding a ‘Spring Night Market’ on Saturday nights, from October until the Bathers Beach Sunset Markets start.

As previously informed, I contacted FICRA members by email with your request and proposal details and let them know that they should contact you with their response. From your last message I know you had been emailed by at least one resident and hope you received some feedback to help you to decide on which location you will be submitting to the Council within your Business Plan.

Many members have also made their views on this proposal known to FICRA so we wish to insure you receive this group feedback as well as individual opinions.

FICRA Response

While the majority of residents did not express opposition to the idea of a spring night markets, they are however strongly opposed to one of the locations you propose i.e. the plaza area at the base of the roundhouse. Of all the possible locations you offered, this area is obviously the closest to where lots of people live.

Apart from one member who does not use a car and another property owner who is currently not residing in Fremantle – all of the rest who contacted FICRA thought the Roundhouse location would create unacceptable difficulties for residents, especially in terms of ability to leave and enter residences and related parking problems. In particular residents in the Marina Village and Townhouses and The Old Samson’s Bond Store were most concerned about the impact of locating night markets immediately on their doorstep.

You may be aware that illegal parking is already a problem in and around the plaza area at the bottom of the roundhouse. Residents have been unable to enter or leave their garages and homes on several occasions due to people blocking driveways and entrances.

Residents feel that location of the Saturday night markets in this area would only serve to exacerbate these problems. Badly managed traffic congestion and blockages are already an unwelcome aspect of big events held in the west end. The view is that a weekly night markets on the roundhouse plaza would severely and negatively impact the lives and amenity of residents.

FICRA support the Spring Markets being located where there would be the least affect on residents amenity and believe therefore that the two other sights you suggest are the most suitable:
– Paddy Troy Mall, behind Timezone
– Near XWray Cafe adjacent to Luna Cinema.

Thank you for contacting FICRA about this matter.

Kind regards,
Maryrose Baker
On behalf of the Comittee

In my September 9 blog I asked the question “where does the Mayor sit, along with representatives Rachel Pemberton and Simon Naber?”

In the Gazette article the Mayor is quoted:

“Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said he thought a market in High Street would be great.

“The West End is mostly very quiet on the weekend when the university is not in session and this would bring a lot of people to the area. It is such a wonderful area and the more activities like this that enable more people to enjoy one of Australia’s best streetscapes, the better,” he said.”

Once again, the Mayor is at odds with residents, and this coming after the shocking approval of the J Shed Tavern proposal on an A Class reserve. Simon Naber voted for that as well, at least Rachel voted against it.

Watch this space as I am sure that this controversy will continue with Ms Adeane, who has a lot of support within Council, trying to steamroll her proposal through.


On This Day

I am reading the book on my iPad, 1812 : Napoleon’s Fatal March On Moscow by Adam Zamoyski, so this day is pertinent.

1812 – The French army under Napoleon reaches Kremlin, Moscow.

1904 – Wilbur Wright makes his 1st airplane flight.

1928 – Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.

1938 – British PM Chamberlain visits Hitler at Berchtesgarden.

1941 – Nazis kill 800 Jewish women at Shkudvil Lithuania.

1949 – Lone Ranger premieres on ABC – TV.

1962 – Australia’s 1st entry in America’s Cup yacht race (US wins).

1965 – Lost in Space premieres.

1978 – Muhammad Ali beats Leon Spinks in 15 for heavyweight boxing title.

2000 – Opening ceremony of the XXVII Olympics in Sydney, Australia.


ABC in Fremantle

ABC Radio 720 is broadcasting in Fremantle tomorrow afternoon,Friday, between the Fremantle Markets and the Sail and Anchor Hotel.

Former Mayor of Fremantle, Barrister, raconteur and political analyst Richard Utting will be a guest.

Should be entertaining, he is on from 3.00pm.

Growers Markets

“How much easier is it to be critical than be correct.” Benjamin Disraeli

My blog yesterday, criticising the proposed Alley Cat Street Food Markets puts me in exalted company. I am now up there with Brad Pettitt, Matthew Hanssen, Colin Barnett, and Tony Abbott, all of whom have been routinely criticised by Roel Loopers, author of the blog Freo’s View.

I like Growers Markets – Contrary to what was written I do like growers markets but the only one that I know to be a true growers market is the one held in Albany on Saturday mornings, run by growers offering produce that is grown by those same growers. Growers markets do not affect my business, as stated by Roel, as we sell to some of those stall holders that operate in the so called growers markets, but it has an adverse affect on those small retailers who have to open 7 days a week to compete with supermarkets, pay high rents and who have a myriad of health bylaws to adhere to.

I do not believe that Georgie Adeane has a right to set up Markets anywhere she wants in Fremantle. As I have blogged before the issue of illegal parking is a problem for residents and something that Ms Adeane has not addressed.

I am also heartened with the level of support that I have received from West End residents.



Alley Cat – Over My Dead Body

The operator of Bathers Beach Sunset Market, Georgie Adeane, has applied to the City of Fremantle to start an evening, springtime Market, called Alley Cat Street Food Markets.

Not content with taking over the beautiful precinct around Bathers Beach, this time she is proposing the West End of High Street in front of Chalkies Cafe, opposite the Roundhouse. This is between 2 residential apartments, Samson Bond Store and the Marina Village apartments.

Unlike other bloggers, I will declare an interest. I live in the area and have had a gutful of people parking everywhere including blocking the garage of 13 residents.

When I complain about parking and unsuitable signage to the chief blogger, employed by Georgie, but not always declared, I am put in my place as “everyone loves the Markets”.

I have written on previous blogs re the problems concerning parking, and will do everything possible to stop this proposal that reeks of greed and opportunism.

We will soon see the last remaining restauranteur leave the West End when his lease expires. Something I warned about in this blog.

Why is the City contemplating this proposal from Ms Adeane and where does the Mayor sit, along with representatives, Rachel Pemberton and Simon Naber?


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