Government Vandalism

1C3A18621C3A1866The Round House was the first permanent building built in the Swan River Colony. Built in late 1830 and opened in 1831, it is the oldest building still standing in Western Australia.

Tourists flock to see and photograph the Round House and every weekend newly marrieds have their photographs taken in front of the building.

So who in their right mind would decide to put an ugly sign, interpreted by only train drivers, in front of this beautiful and historic building?

These signs are all along the rail line. I am not entirely sure what they mean, but I am sure that there are other means to alert train drivers.

Meanwhile, I will be writing to the Minister forĀ Transport, Dean Nalder.

One response

  1. Whats the go Graham. Have you been able to convince the boof-heads who put this sign outside the Roundhouse to place it in a more appropriate spot? Like 50 metres either side?

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