Western Power/City of Fremantle

On 16 January, 13 days ago, I wrote to the City of Fremantle to notify them that the street lights on Cliff Street, Little High Street and High Street from Cliff Street on have not been working for the last 2 nights causing a potential dangerous situation.

I then received a reply from Lee Pipe, Parks and Landscape, City Works, City of Fremantle telling me that the City were undertaking investigations for the responsibility of their street lights but that Western Power have been notified of the fault.

“Thank you for using the Western Power on-line Streetlight Fault Reporting facility.

The fault you have reported has been lodged and your reference number is as follows:


Western Power endeavours to repair faulty Streetlights within 5 working days for metro and 10 working days for country from the date reported.

Kind Regards


Streetlight Fault Reporting
E: streetlights@westernpower.com.au
W: http://www.westernpower.com.au”

On 22 January I emailed Lee to say that the lights were still not working but got the same automated response.

As of last night the lights were still not working.

What is happening at the City of Fremantle?


Prick With A Fork

Breaking news in this morning’s Herald as reported by Melissa Davey under the not-at-all emotive headline, “High-risk drinking out of control in NSW”:

A CULTURE of ”pre-loading” on alcohol before going to pubs and clubs is causing alcohol-related crime, violence, hospital admissions, assault and death.

Australia’s largest study into alcohol-related night-time crime has found people are increasingly drinking before they go out to avoid high alcohol prices in venues, prompting experts to call for reform of pricing in liquor shops.

Well, of course. Quite naturally, people increasingly find the price of drinks in pubs prohibitive and many of them are responding by getting on it – in some cases very hard – before heading out. Presumably, then, if booze was cheaper in licensed venues where there is not just security and RSA regulations and the rest but also, crucially, conviviality and sociability, drinkers would be less likely to consume…

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Fairfax Media

You really have to wonder why Gina Rhinehart would want to invest in Fairfax Media.

Their circulation is declining, journos resigning and investors despairing!

Go into any newsagency and try and find a Fairfax publication. No one buys them anymore.

For many years I used to buy The Australian Financial Review and to this day I am still tempted to buy a Friday edition, mainly to read their car reviews, usually cars that no one can afford, and the technology review where John Davidson provides an erudite commentary.

Imagine my dismay when opening said publication today, to find that John Davidson was on holiday and his fill in was obviously born after me and not an Apple advocate as he kept referring to Windows users being at a disadvantage if they bought the product under review, Buffalo’s MiniStation Thunderbolt. Older readers may be confused but it is a portable storage device, not that you would know by reading the article by Alex Kidman.

Moving on to the Motoring section and Tony Davis is driving, did he actually drive it?, a Maserati Granturismo S MC-Shift priced for Fremantle readers at $345,000.00 plus on road costs. “Perhaps the most compelling part of the package is the basso profundo engine note. The Maserati’s bubbling trailing throttle and the engine blip between gear changes rank among the greatest sounds in motoring.”

Maybe I will ask my Italian friends what “basso profundo” means but I can guess. What is this guy on about and what about the name? You would have to be a wanker to buy this car.

No wonder when you walk into a newsagent, most papers are sold out but not The Fin.

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