As my loyal readers may have noticed my blog is now more active.

I am still vitally concerned about Fremantle and its politics but was happy to take a back seat to others, but the crap and misinformation being posted, plus the fact that Chief Blooger Roel Loopers of Freo’s View censors me by not posting my comments ensure that I keep reasonably minded folk alerts to the truth.

Very childish roel, I now feel empathy with Roger Garwood.

But the Joker is Greens Councillor Andrew Sullivan who provided the following rant on Freo View:

“Whatever people think of Fremantle Ports right now, this imminent sale will result in the social and environmental responsibility being stripped from a quasi-public body with some accountability to the people, and handed over cheaply to a wholly commercialised entity that isn’t even obliged to have a moral compass.

I happen to think the Port has been a reasonable ‘corporate’ citizen over the years. I dread what will happen when the port is run by self-interested corporations like Patricks or the types of scary clowns who operate shameless places like the detention centres.

Worse still, not only is Barnett willing to sell the Port but will use scarce funds to privatise the road that feeds it. Barnett & Abbott are racing to build their new truck sewer straight through the middle of East Fremantle and North Fremantle. In doing so, they will sever with the swiftness of a terrorist’s sword the connectivities that several generations of Fremantle people have fought so hard to maintain and rebuild.

Imagine a life behind high concrete walls that divides Fremantle like Berlin was. The freeway style toll road will make access in and out of our city centre hopelessly constrained especially from the north and east.

Picture freeway style road interchanges and Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge dominating our Swan River foreshore. What used to belong to us, the people, will be concealed behind large concrete walls rising several storeys into the air. We will feel like the Palestinians must as all the wealth is channelled secretively through Barnett’s truck sewer. Meanwhile, we the people of Fremantle will be denied access to much of what makes living in Fremantle great.

Watch as they redirect the budget allocations needed to replace the old traffic bridge that is now just one ferry accident away from catastrophic failure. Equally, the prospect that a dedicated bridge for freight rail will be built sometime soon is also sunk.

Lament the lost opportunities that results from spending $1.6 billion just to build the southern portion of this deceitfully named Perth Freight Link – who knows just how much more money is needed to rip through Canning Highway and the whole of North Fremantle to create grade separation for this super highway.

Not a single cent is to be spent on improvements to the freight rail system. We are not a single step closer to building the long planned overflow port at Kwinana. There is not a skerrick of strategic thought given to the need to reposition Perth’s port and freight network to take us sustainably into the 21st century and beyond.

A “Concern for Fremantle” is putting it lightly! It doesn’t much feel like Fremantle is on top of the ladder.”

Andrew, I have one question. Do you not want the City to receive $1 million of rates per annum that will come in once the port is sold?

You are the Joker.

Scott Ludlam

Blogger Roel Loopers waxed lyrical about Scott Ludlam’s speech to an empty Senate as did Councillor Andrew Sullivan.

Good one boys, less than 10% of the electorate vote Green and Fremantle’s Green dominated council are on the nose because they do not listen to ratepayers. Loopers loves to rail against the Mayor but he is employed by a Green and actively supports them.


Back to Ludlam, who Warren Mundine, former Labor Party national President and Chairman of the Prime Minister’s indigenous advisory council said at the weekend was “full of crap.”

Under the Labor/Green coalition 1200 asylum seekers drowned.

Under the Labor/Green coalition in Tasmania the economy was devastated so much that Labor sacked the Greens prior to next weeks election which will see a Liberal victory in both Tasmania and South Australia due to economic incompetence.

By the way, where are the Greens and their communist spokesman Lee Rhiannon on the invasion of Ukraine?

FICRA Public Meeting

As reported on this blog, last night FICRA held a public meeting to discuss 3 issues:

1. The Warders’ Cottages in Henderson Street.

2. THe Skateboard Park at the Esplanade.

3. The Arthur Head Arts Hub.

Moderator, Dick Baynham, explained that John Dowson would do a 5 minute powerpoint presentation on each issue followed by a 25 minute discussion on each issue.

What I find intriquing is that the Mayor of Fremantle had offered to do a presentation to the meeting but FICRA declined his offer. Then for the moderator to allow the Mayor to be jeered whilst he was answering questions was highly disrespectful.

The meeting descended to farce when motions were put with no discussion, and motions were changed during the voting process.

An example is the 2 motions put forward by John Dowson regarding Arthur Head, one of which was “that Council review plans already in place then look at ways to go forward.” The meeting quite rightly asked “what plans?” Dowson could not detail the plans in question, and there was no valid argument that there was a problem at Arthur Head apart from Dowson stating that “everyone using Arthur Head is upset.” Who is upset, John?

Any discussion that agreed with the skateboard park was howled down, and debate was quashed prematurely.

Many of the 200 plus audience left well before the meeting ended and I must say that it was the most poorly run meeting that I have witnessed. At one point Councillor Andrew Sullivan tried to make a point but was refused the microphone.

In the past FICRA has supported the Ocean Pool but now according to John Dowson this is folly as it does not fit in with the heritage precinct.

The Mayor was accompanied by quite a few Councillors and I am sure that they all came away from that meeting shaking their heads.

One final point. At the start of the meeting, Dick Baynham introduced the new committee of FICRA, and after the meeting I approached Treasurer Craig Ross, who is a neighbour, and asked him who elected the committee. He said that he did not know.

I do, it was John Dowson, and as I have previously warned that he wanted to take control of FICRA, it now appears that he has achieved his aim.



Amendment 49

Today the Planning Minister approved the City of Fremantle Planning Scheme Amendment 49, and as a resident of Fremantle I totally support the City of Fremantle and Amendment 49.

The City has decided that to revitalise Fremantle they required an extra:

20,000 sqm of retail space

70,000 sqm of office space and

1,500 dwellings.

The City received 176 public submissions and I have read these, so for my fellow blogger Roel Loopers to say that “this is one of the darkest days in Fremantle‘s history. We’ll fight on and will try to stop irresponsible development and we will get rid of those on council who support it,” is in itself irresponsible.

Roel, who are you going to get rid of?

I am also not sure that the Fremantle Society is genuine in its claim that the Railway Station will be affected.

Although I am a critic of a lot of recent stuff ups by the City I am confidant that the Mayor is correct in this case, and his interview on ABC 7.30 WA was impressive. Also I attended a meeting in the Notre Dame owned bar at the Fremantle Hotel where Councillor Andrew Sullivan gave a very long presentation on Amendment 49 that sold it for me.

Bathers Beach Disgrace 8.

This is the concrete slab referred earlier.

What fool would authorise a slab of black concrete outside restaurants and a lovely grassed area?

The Mayor says it will be OK, come down and have a beer with him and bask in the wonderful planning of the City of Fremantle.

FICRA have more concerns that I have not addressed; the beach woodchips, the old mortuary where our Chairman will hit his head one day and spill his beer, exposed water pipes at Kidogo, the over engineered pedestrian crossing, rocks around Kidogo, dangerous trip areas, the water meters and the water system for Kidogo.

I need a rest, but this issue is not finished and the City is ignoring its residents and everyone who visits Fremantle.

We live here because we love Fremantle but at the end of the day we cannot accept apathy and incompetence from our elected officials.

Bathers Beach Disgrace 7.

Crushed Limestone.

How could anyone think that this is better than grass except our Mayor.

When the sea breeze blows those residents downwind will be in uproar but that is not the issue. When I took these photographs today the grassed area was occupied by kids playing, lovers kissing,parents supervising and older people sleeping.

No one was on the dust bowl of crushed limestone.

Bathers Beach Disgrace 6.

Grass, beautiful grass.

As you can see if you click on the photos people love grass. Go to Cottesloe or South Beach everyone is attracted to green cool grass but our City don’t want you to be attracted to grass because they have to water it.

We are so lucky to have a beautiful beach on our doorstep and as the photos show people respond and have picnics, lovers gather and kids play.

This is a positive post because the City got this right.

Read on readers.

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