Frozen Fruit Dangers


A second brand of frozen mixed berries has been withdrawn from supermarket shelves across the country, as five cases of Hepatitis A linked to the product are confirmed in New South Wales and Victoria.

One-kilogram bags of Nanna’s frozen mixed berries were recalled on Saturday as a result of the health scare.

The recall has now been extended to Creative Gourmet mixed berries in 300 gram and 500 gram packets.

Health officials have confirmed three cases of hepatitis A linked to the product in Victoria and two in New South Wales.

The berries came from China and Chile and were distributed by Patties Foods, which is based in Bairnsdale, east Victoria.

A statement from the company said while quality control testing to date had not revealed any concerns with the food safety of either product, “further detailed testing is being done and the recall is an important step to ensure public safety and confidence”.

Australia has very strict quarantine import rules but these only apply to FRESH fruit and vegetables and not to frozen fruit and vegetables. There are also strict quarantine rules that apply to any fresh Australian fruit and vegetables coming into Western Australia from other states.

Go down to your local Boost Juice or similar establishment and inquire as to where they source their fruit, as I have done. They will not know or certainly will not admit that they use imported fruit.

Carbon Miles?

My latest post on carbon miles got me thinking, I do sometimes.

Two years ago an Australian contact domiciled in Thailand was telling me one of his biggest customers was a supplier to Boost Juice and that  most of their fruit was frozen and sourced from the Phillippines.

Now, I am not sure that is correct but will contact Boost Juice and ask them, which I have done but their website says it may take several weeks to give an answer. They have a very attractive website extolling the virtues of their juices, read on:


We take the most innocent-looking fresh fruit and vegies (especially the ones with naturally sweet personalities and cute little dimples), then brutally squeeze, pulp and grind into a delicious, vitamin packed juice.

Surprisingly this is legal to do. Except in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, where the Humanity Towards Fruit Legislation Act of 1999 was put in place to protect the rights of innocent fruit, much to our outcry.”

Don’t you just love this marketing bullshit.

So with all the concern re Carbon Miles we have a rather large company saying that they use fresh fruit when in fact that is not correct,so where do the Greens stand on this?

With a wholesale price of Mangoes at $4 each, do you really think that Boost Juice are using fresh and Australian?

Pity the lady who did not buy the Asparagus because it was from Mexico.

At least it was fresh!



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