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Got to say it does not surprise me than a rather innocuous post by  Matthew Hanssen has caused a big spray by the chief blogger.

Matthew criticised Roel Loopers for supposedly promoting acts of vandalism, but in reality it was Loopers constant criticism of our Premier Colin Barnett that raised the ire of Liberal Hanssen. By the way Roel, that is how you spell his name, please get it right.

I totally disagree with the fact that Loopers feels free to attack City of Fremantle employees at will, but will not broach any criticism himself. After all, this is the guy that attacked Georgie Adeane for sacking him in favour of her daughter, and then deleted the post after she gave him a job promoting the Princess May Markets.

I disagree with some of Hanssen’s views but he does not have to be attacked in preference to some of the lightweights who have represented the electors of Fremantle. Jim McGinity, as a previous Minister of Health commenced the degradation of services at Fremantle Hospital.

Back to Barnett, hated by Loopers, who dislikes the fact that we are building a world class sporting stadium and envigorating the Perth CBD in the form of Elizabeth Quay.

A report last week stated that the new stadium at Burswood will deliver more than $291 million and 1300 jobs each year and that the Elizabeth Quay construction will create more than 1600 jobs, be a workplace for more than 10,000 people, and attract more than $2 billion in private investment.

Growers Markets

“How much easier is it to be critical than be correct.” Benjamin Disraeli

My blog yesterday, criticising the proposed Alley Cat Street Food Markets puts me in exalted company. I am now up there with Brad Pettitt, Matthew Hanssen, Colin Barnett, and Tony Abbott, all of whom have been routinely criticised by Roel Loopers, author of the blog Freo’s View.

I like Growers Markets – Contrary to what was written I do like growers markets but the only one that I know to be a true growers market is the one held in Albany on Saturday mornings, run by growers offering produce that is grown by those same growers. Growers markets do not affect my business, as stated by Roel, as we sell to some of those stall holders that operate in the so called growers markets, but it has an adverse affect on those small retailers who have to open 7 days a week to compete with supermarkets, pay high rents and who have a myriad of health bylaws to adhere to.

I do not believe that Georgie Adeane has a right to set up Markets anywhere she wants in Fremantle. As I have blogged before the issue of illegal parking is a problem for residents and something that Ms Adeane has not addressed.

I am also heartened with the level of support that I have received from West End residents.



Mayor of Fremantle

Local Government elections are to be held on October 19 and a lot of interest for Fremantle ratepayers is in the position of Mayor.

There is no doubt that Brad Pettitt should be reelected for a further term as he has done a very good job in the past 4 years and those commentators who blame him for all decisions of Council should understand that he is the Mayor, and once Council makes a decision he should support that position.

Like all ratepayers I have been very disappointed in some decisions of Council and it still rankles that we have the limestone debacle at Bathers Beach, and I do not support the location of the skate park.

The other candidate, Matthew Hanssen, has no policies or background in local government. He stood for the seat of Fremantle in both the State and Federal elections and was rejected by the electors in both. Anyone attending the debates prior to both elections would understand why.

I do not agree with Brad’s support of the Greens and its policies, but that does not mean that he is not the best candidate, in my mind he is the only candidate.

State Election

Labor leader Mark McGowan can’t take a trick with his costings on the Metronet transport plan challenged by the Public Transport Authority.

Labor still claims that the price tag will be $3.8 billion but the PTA has costed the proposal at $6.4 billion. One can only hope that the WA ALP can be more accountable than their Federal counterparts.

McGowan is also taking heat on his proposal to build the new stadium at Subiaco, instead of Burswood, and have it ready for the 2018 AFL season, with critics saying that it cannot be done on time.

Of more relevance to Fremantle residents is the article in the “Fremantle Herald” by Independent Fremantle MP Adele Carles.

Adele states what everyone knows; that former ALP Member for Fremantle for 19 years, Jim McGinty, did very little for the electorate and more specifically was the Minister for Health that made the decision to close the Fremantle Hospital Emergency Department, supported by the Greens. Yet ALP candidate, Simone McGurk, is publically blaming the Barnett government.

I have written before about Labor hypocrisy but this takes the cake. McGurk is another union leader parachuted into a safe seat and Fremantle voters should not expect much representation if she happens to win the seat.

Adele has done a good job but as an independant cannot have much influence.

Matthew Hanssen is the candidate representing the Liberal Party and is the obvious choice if Fremantle residents look at the track record of the Liberal Party who have done far more for Fremantle citizens than the likes of McGinty and his cohorts.

Matthew Hanssen

The Liberal candidate for the state seat of Fremantle has bemoaned the loss of Myer as “a serious blow to the retailing and business life of the port city’ as reported in today’s Fremantle Herald.

Matthew, please do not lay the blame at Labor, Green or independent members of the council. That is drawing a long bow.

I am not privy to what incentives were given to Myer to enable them to stay but the fact is that Myer is bleeding, not just in Fremantle but nationally. The lack of service is appalling and the poor range of stock sends consumers into the arms of David Jones or online. Added to that, the outward appearance of the Fremantle store did nothing to attract shoppers, so bad management is the problem.

There are more important issues to address than propping up a failing retailer.

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