As my loyal readers may have noticed my blog is now more active.

I am still vitally concerned about Fremantle and its politics but was happy to take a back seat to others, but the crap and misinformation being posted, plus the fact that Chief Blooger Roel Loopers of Freo’s View censors me by not posting my comments ensure that I keep reasonably minded folk alerts to the truth.

Very childish roel, I now feel empathy with Roger Garwood.

But the Joker is Greens Councillor Andrew Sullivan who provided the following rant on Freo View:

“Whatever people think of Fremantle Ports right now, this imminent sale will result in the social and environmental responsibility being stripped from a quasi-public body with some accountability to the people, and handed over cheaply to a wholly commercialised entity that isn’t even obliged to have a moral compass.

I happen to think the Port has been a reasonable ‘corporate’ citizen over the years. I dread what will happen when the port is run by self-interested corporations like Patricks or the types of scary clowns who operate shameless places like the detention centres.

Worse still, not only is Barnett willing to sell the Port but will use scarce funds to privatise the road that feeds it. Barnett & Abbott are racing to build their new truck sewer straight through the middle of East Fremantle and North Fremantle. In doing so, they will sever with the swiftness of a terrorist’s sword the connectivities that several generations of Fremantle people have fought so hard to maintain and rebuild.

Imagine a life behind high concrete walls that divides Fremantle like Berlin was. The freeway style toll road will make access in and out of our city centre hopelessly constrained especially from the north and east.

Picture freeway style road interchanges and Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge dominating our Swan River foreshore. What used to belong to us, the people, will be concealed behind large concrete walls rising several storeys into the air. We will feel like the Palestinians must as all the wealth is channelled secretively through Barnett’s truck sewer. Meanwhile, we the people of Fremantle will be denied access to much of what makes living in Fremantle great.

Watch as they redirect the budget allocations needed to replace the old traffic bridge that is now just one ferry accident away from catastrophic failure. Equally, the prospect that a dedicated bridge for freight rail will be built sometime soon is also sunk.

Lament the lost opportunities that results from spending $1.6 billion just to build the southern portion of this deceitfully named Perth Freight Link – who knows just how much more money is needed to rip through Canning Highway and the whole of North Fremantle to create grade separation for this super highway.

Not a single cent is to be spent on improvements to the freight rail system. We are not a single step closer to building the long planned overflow port at Kwinana. There is not a skerrick of strategic thought given to the need to reposition Perth’s port and freight network to take us sustainably into the 21st century and beyond.

A “Concern for Fremantle” is putting it lightly! It doesn’t much feel like Fremantle is on top of the ladder.”

Andrew, I have one question. Do you not want the City to receive $1 million of rates per annum that will come in once the port is sold?

You are the Joker.

Fremantle West End

Roel Loopers in his blog, Freo’s View, tonight correctly has a go at lighting in the West End and specifically the Whaler’s Tunnel.

In his blog he mentions BID and the fact they lit up parts of the heritage buildings in High Street, and in a previous blog he mused that BID had not completed the project as the two buildings near the Roundhouse were not illuminated.

BID has spent a fortune installing underground cables and a new power board to connect to the lights which were to be installed in the pavement and pointing upwards. The lights illuminating the buildings in High Street are located on awnings and hence are no problem in respect to heritage concerns, but as there are no awnings on the buildings located at 1 and 2 High Street the lights had to be sunk into the road, or the pavement.

My contact at BID was Kim Low, the Executive Manager, who was very good, but has since resigned. She sent me this email in October 2013:

Hi Graham nice to chat with you. As I explained the Fremantle Business Improvement District (representing the property and business owners in the City Centre ) is providing up lighting of the tops of the buildings along High Street. We will then be able to program the lights in various colours to create a vibrant street at night which should also make it safer.

As agreed we will put the lights up and test to make sure you are happy with the result and it doesn’t interfere with your life. What you should know:

· There will be no cost to you, the lighting will be fitted free of charge to building owners
· No power costs to you, as the City of Fremantle will pay for all electricity and the BID will cover any ongoing maintenance
· Light fittings will be attached as per agreement with the City’s Heritage Officer and will blend in with the building.
· Buildings with residential occupancy will only be lit between or above windows and will not be a disruption to tenants.

The company chosen to carry out the works Pro Design Lighting have over 35 years of experience in the industry and are West Australian based. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact me at your convenience. We hope to have this initiative installed by the end of November 2013 .

In March 2015 I emailed BID for an update and received this reply:

Hi Graham,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention and no the lights are not going to go ahead as first planned. The lights that have been supplied have not been supported by the electrician for putting into the ground. We have also been advised by a number of sources that putting lights into the ground in this area will cause an ongoing maintenance issue due to moisture which could then lead to power outages as far as Henry Street.

On this information the Board have decided that another lighting option would have to be looked at.

As Kim left FremantleBID in November and I haven’t been part of this project, I would really appreciate if I could come and meet you and discuss further. Would you have time next week?

Kind regards

Jenny Marslen
Project Manager
Fremantle BID
9430 6504

I did meet with Jenny but it appears that it is all too hard for everyone concerned, and I came away thinking that the process got too expensive and the bureaucrats have said “no more.”

Loopy Bloggers

Got to say it does not surprise me than a rather innocuous post by  Matthew Hanssen has caused a big spray by the chief blogger.

Matthew criticised Roel Loopers for supposedly promoting acts of vandalism, but in reality it was Loopers constant criticism of our Premier Colin Barnett that raised the ire of Liberal Hanssen. By the way Roel, that is how you spell his name, please get it right.

I totally disagree with the fact that Loopers feels free to attack City of Fremantle employees at will, but will not broach any criticism himself. After all, this is the guy that attacked Georgie Adeane for sacking him in favour of her daughter, and then deleted the post after she gave him a job promoting the Princess May Markets.

I disagree with some of Hanssen’s views but he does not have to be attacked in preference to some of the lightweights who have represented the electors of Fremantle. Jim McGinity, as a previous Minister of Health commenced the degradation of services at Fremantle Hospital.

Back to Barnett, hated by Loopers, who dislikes the fact that we are building a world class sporting stadium and envigorating the Perth CBD in the form of Elizabeth Quay.

A report last week stated that the new stadium at Burswood will deliver more than $291 million and 1300 jobs each year and that the Elizabeth Quay construction will create more than 1600 jobs, be a workplace for more than 10,000 people, and attract more than $2 billion in private investment.

Fremantle Madness

The Chief Blogger is now promoting R2R.

Yep, that means Road to Rail.

These NIMBY’s, Not In My Back Yard, do not want the government to extend the Roe Highway into Fremantle, as some of their land may be resumed, and have been campaigning for years. The Labor Government backed down, so now we have huge traffic problems in areas like South Street and Leach Highway.

Yes, stop progress and get those nasty trucks and cars off the road and deliver everything by bike.


R2R is letterboxing every house in the greater Fremantle area to educate residents.

Educate them about what Roel, that we should bury our heads in the sand?

But if you want to get involved with R2R, no problem, they are organising meetings and guess what, you can stay for the Vegan meals.

Not like some, I will declare an interest. I live next to the rail line, and guess what, it cannot accept the increased traffic that R2R propose.

Dreamers, think wind farms on North Mole, the public company promoting wave energy, and the fact that the City drives buses up the Cappuccino strip spewing exhaust fumes over diners.

Enjoy your Vegan meal, Sam will welcome you.




Growers Markets

“How much easier is it to be critical than be correct.” Benjamin Disraeli

My blog yesterday, criticising the proposed Alley Cat Street Food Markets puts me in exalted company. I am now up there with Brad Pettitt, Matthew Hanssen, Colin Barnett, and Tony Abbott, all of whom have been routinely criticised by Roel Loopers, author of the blog Freo’s View.

I like Growers Markets – Contrary to what was written I do like growers markets but the only one that I know to be a true growers market is the one held in Albany on Saturday mornings, run by growers offering produce that is grown by those same growers. Growers markets do not affect my business, as stated by Roel, as we sell to some of those stall holders that operate in the so called growers markets, but it has an adverse affect on those small retailers who have to open 7 days a week to compete with supermarkets, pay high rents and who have a myriad of health bylaws to adhere to.

I do not believe that Georgie Adeane has a right to set up Markets anywhere she wants in Fremantle. As I have blogged before the issue of illegal parking is a problem for residents and something that Ms Adeane has not addressed.

I am also heartened with the level of support that I have received from West End residents.



Scott Ludlam

Blogger Roel Loopers waxed lyrical about Scott Ludlam’s speech to an empty Senate as did Councillor Andrew Sullivan.

Good one boys, less than 10% of the electorate vote Green and Fremantle’s Green dominated council are on the nose because they do not listen to ratepayers. Loopers loves to rail against the Mayor but he is employed by a Green and actively supports them.


Back to Ludlam, who Warren Mundine, former Labor Party national President and Chairman of the Prime Minister’s indigenous advisory council said at the weekend was “full of crap.”

Under the Labor/Green coalition 1200 asylum seekers drowned.

Under the Labor/Green coalition in Tasmania the economy was devastated so much that Labor sacked the Greens prior to next weeks election which will see a Liberal victory in both Tasmania and South Australia due to economic incompetence.

By the way, where are the Greens and their communist spokesman Lee Rhiannon on the invasion of Ukraine?

Council Amalgamations

The uproar of some sections of the media and public commentators is interesting in relation to the Barnett Government proposed amalgamations.

Local commentator Roel Loopers in his blog Freo’s View has called our Premier Colin Barnett a liar for breaking an election promise, and there are calls to march on Parliament. Come on get real.

Where was Roel when Julia Gillard promised that she would not introduce a Carbon Tax, a tax that affects us every day through our hip pockets. He fawned over her and was indignant when Kevin Rudd deposed her as Prime Minister. The Fremantle Society has a “Sock it Colin Facebook” page which has been described as stupid, and I would go further, but as Roel says it “has not many likes and disappointing few comments.”

I do not support the proposed amalgamation of Fremantle, East Fremantle and Melville.

But I feel that we have been let down by our elected representatives who were aware that amalgamations were coming but had their collective heads in the sand thinking that it would not happen, especially in Fremantle.

Barnett has sent the Mayors packing and said get back to us by October with your proposals. Mayor Brad Pettitt should have had an agreement with Cockburn that Fremantle and Cockburn merge instead of the terrible proposal that was sent to ratepayers. Simple, Fremantle and Cockburn share cultural, sporting and business ties so it is a natural fit.

The fact is that council amalgamations are inevitable and have been very successful in some other states, but it takes a strong politican to take a stance because there are no votes in it. Diana Ryan states that Labor Premier Alan Carpenter wanted to reduce the number of councils. I spoke to a former Labor Minister of Local Government on Monday and he stated that it should have been done 10 years ago. Former Mayor Richard Utting advocates the merge with Cockburn and describes Fremantle as the cultural jewel in the crown, so we need to preseve this by not merging with Melville.

Yesterday I listened to our Mayor, Brad, on ABC radio and he seemed resigned to be on the losing team, but it is up to us to support him and his councillors in finding a solution rather than knocking the politicans who are making the correct decision. Read today’s editorial in “the West Australian” and the experience of home builder Dale Alcock who has to deal with “hundreds of hundreds of pages of regulation, for dozens of dozens of councils, for the simple engineering feet (sic) of laying a few metres of concrete.”

I was a ratepayer in the City of Melville for over 25 years and could not have any contact with councillors, but after living in Fremantle for two and a half years I think that I have met about two thirds of the Fremantle councillors, including the Mayor, and that is something that I value.


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